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Russian-Chinese Workshop "Mathematical Modeling of Renewable and Isolated Hybrid Power Systems"

... Optimization Methods in ESI RAS / SEI Ac. Sc. USSR (survey) More talks TBA Apart from Plenary/Section Sessions, the programm will include the Technical Tour to the Corporate Educational and Research Center of JSC "Irkutskenego", round table on Machine Learning & AI, NSFC Project Meeting and International science and technology cooperation program Project Meeting. The scientific tour to the Limnology Museum of RAS (Listvyanka, lake Baikal) is scheduled.

Теги: power systems mathematical modeling and control , forecasting , isolated hybrid power systems , wind ramp prediction , machine learning
Random forest based approach for concept drift handling

Zhukov A.V., Sidorov D.N., Foley A.M. Random forest based approach for concept drift handling // Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol.661. 2017. P.69-77. ISBN 9783319529196. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-52920-2_7. Concept drift has potential in smart grid analysis because the socio-economic behaviour of consumers is not governed by the laws of physics. Likewise there are also applications in wind power forecasting. In this paper we present decision tree ensemble classification method...

Теги: classification , concept drift , decision tree , ensemble learning , machine learning , random forest , classification (of information) , decision trees , image analysis , learning algorithms , learning systems , wind power , aggregation rules , concept drifts , empiri
Editorial for special issue on methods of optimisation and their applications

... Russian Academy of Sciences from June 30 July 6 in 2014. In this special issue, we have invited the contributors to this event to expand on their presentations and highlight theoretical results in the field and to demonstrate the use of optimisation and machine learning methods in variour applications.

Теги: editorial , optimisation , machine learning


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