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New Classes of Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind Related to the Modeling of the Wind Turbine Dynamics

... integral equations of the first kind are defined. They appear when the duration of the rise front is taken into account in test signals. The test signals are chosen considering specific features of the inputs arising in practice as applied to dynamics of wind turbines with horizontal rotation axis. The inversion formulas for indicated classes of one-and two-dimensional Volterra integral equations of the first kind are obtained. © 2020 IEEE. нет

Теги: identification , nonclassical volterra integral equations of the first kind , nonlinear systems , power objects , system of automatic control , control system stability , dynamics , nonlinear control systems , wind turbines , deconvolution problem , input-output , i
Advanced adaptive frequency support scheme for DFIG under cyber uncertainty

... support of wind farms in a cyber uncertainty environment, and proposes an advanced adaptive frequency support scheme for doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG). In the proposed scheme, both the minimum rotor speed and the deloaded operating level of wind turbines are required to be determined at first. Then, an advanced adaptive droop control method is proposed with consideration of cyber uncertainty to improve the response speed of wind turbines for frequency support. Finally, the stability of the ...

Теги: cyber physical power system , cyber uncertainty , dfig , droop control , frequency support , asynchronous generators , electric fault currents , electric power transmission networks , matlab , real time control , wind power , wind turbines , adaptive frequency , doubl
Use of gasifier-based electric power stations for improving the economy of autonomous power supply systems in Russia

... waste of logging and woodworking that can be used for energy production are generated. In this paper, we consider an autonomous power supply system, including a wood biomass gasification power plant (BGPP), a diesel power plant (DPP), one or several wind turbines (WT), and electricity consumers with their load schedule. The mathematical formulation of the problem of optimizing the structure and modes of operation of the power supply system is reduced to minimizing the objective function with a number ...

Теги: biomass , costs , diesel engines , diesel power plants , economics , electric power generation , electric power plants , electric power systems , functions , gas fuel storage , gasification , wind , wind turbines
Intelligent control of a wind turbine based on reinforcement learning

... turbine based on reinforcement learning // 2019 16th Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, ELMA 2019 - Proceedings. ID: 8771645. 2019. ISBN (print): 9781728114132. DOI: 10.1109/ELMA.2019.8771645 Advanced controllers of modern wind turbines can help increase energy capture efficiency and reduce structural loading. However, to fulfill the modern wind turbine control demands with contradicting requirements (efficiency and reliability), innovative control methods that can handle ...

Теги: control , mimo control , pitch control , reinforcement learning , torque control , wind turbine , adaptive control systems , control engineering , electric machinery , machine learning , mimo systems , stochastic systems , wind , wind turbines , adaptive control des
Integrated energy supply schemes on basis of cogeneration plants and wind power plants

... reliability and environmental friendliness of energy supply (electricity and heat). This is a result of fuel saving and reduction in CO2 emissions from thermal power plants, which becomes possible when part of fuel is replaced with electric power generated by wind turbines. The technological advantages of the proposed schemes are considered. These advantages expand the range of applications for the technologies both in small-scale and large-scale energy systems. A patent protects the proposed technologies....

Теги: fuel saving , integrated scheme of energy supply , reduction co2 emissions , thermal power plant , wind energy , wind power plant , carbon dioxide , fuel economy , fuels , patents and inventions , thermoelectric power plants , wind power , wind turbines , co2 emission
Modeling of hydrogen and electrical energy storages in wind/PV energy system on the Lake Baikal coast

....ijhydene.2017.02.076 The paper presents a research on a green power supply system (producing no carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions) in the area of Baikal Lake, for the maximum loads of 10 kW and 100 kW. The system includes photovoltaic converters, wind turbines, batteries for electric energy storage and a system for hydrogen production, storage and energy use. Calculations based on the optimization mathematical model demonstrated the efficiency of the combined use of wind and solar energy in the ...

Теги: carbon-free energy technologies , wind turbines , pv , hydrogen , electric energy storage , hydrogen storage , hybrid pv/wind system , renewable energy , management strategies , size optimization , economic-analysis , power-systems , technologies , methodology , integr
Applicability of Volterra integral polynomials in the control systems of electric power facilities

Solodusha S., Suslov K., Gerasimov D. Applicability of Volterra integral polynomials in the control systems of electric power facilities // Proceedings of 2016 International Conference "Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems" (Pyatnitskiy's Conference), STAB 2016. 1 p. ISBN (print): 9 781 467 . DOI: 10.1109/STAB.2016.7541227 The paper presents an approach to the construction of a system for automatic control of nonlinear dynamic objects on the basis of Volterra polynomials...

Теги: automation , control system stability , control systems , differential equations , nonlinear control systems , nonlinear equations , system stability , wind turbines , dynamic characteristics , electric power


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