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Nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere of coastal areas of Lake Baikal: Sources and possible impact on the ecosystem of the lake

... locally cause an increase in nitrate concentrations in the near shore waters by 3-5% per day. In turn, the high content of nitrates in the water contributes to the growth of biomass of some algae species and thus affects the entire ecosystem of the lake. Water transport can also be a significant source of nitrogen oxides above the water area of the lake, but its contribution to the pollution of Lake Baikal is not sufficiently investigated. © 2018 SPIE.

Теги: nitrogen oxides , power facilities , the water area of lake baikal , water transport , coal fired boilers , coastal engineering , ecosystems , geophysics , lake pollution , nitrates , emissions into the atmosphere , lake baikal , measurements of , near-shore waters , n


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