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Using smart meters for checking the topology and power flow calculation of a secondary distribution network

... Conferences. Vol.139. ID: 01059. 2019. 5 p. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201913901059 The paper analyzes options of using smart meters for power flow calculation and for assessing the state of a real three-phase four-wire secondary distribution network based on measurements of average values of active and reactive power and of voltages. The work is based on the authors' research on allocation of measurements to ensure secondary distribution network observability and on selection of the most efficient method ...

Теги: electric grounding , flowmeters , observability , phase meters , smart meters , active and reactive power , average values , measurements of , neutral wires , nonlinear state , power flow calculations , secondar
Nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere of coastal areas of Lake Baikal: Sources and possible impact on the ecosystem of the lake

... in the atmosphere above Lake Baikal, the determination of the largest sources of emission, and a quantitative assessment of their possible contribution to the content of nitrates in the near shore waters of the lake. The paper presents the results of measurements of nitrogen oxide concentrations above the water area of the Baikal in the summer. In general, low background concentrations of nitrogen oxides prevailed, the excess was recorded in the northern part of the lake. An analysis and a calculation ...

Теги: nitrogen oxides , power facilities , the water area of lake baikal , water transport , coal fired boilers , coastal engineering , ecosystems , geophysics , lake pollution , nitrates , emissions into the atmosphere , lake baikal , measurements of , near-shore waters , n


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