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Optimization of energy sources structure to minimize environment pollution

Edeleva O., Stennikov V. Optimization of energy sources structure to minimize environment pollution // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.69. ID: 02007. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20186902007 The paper gives a general statement of the problem of choosing the structure of energy sources of urban heat supply systems to meet technical, economic and environmental constraints. One of the effective approaches to solve such a problem is the construction and optimization of redundant schemes of technological structures...

Теги: atmospheric structure , electric power transmission networks , pollution , structural optimization , atmospheric pollution , effective approaches , environment pollution , environmental constraints , heat sup
Modified simplex imbeddings method in convex non-differentiable optimization

... the higher rate of method convergence. We consider the special technique of constructing the simplex containing the set of points defining the truncated simplex. Such approach let us attribute the problem of constructing the minimal volume simplex to structural optimization problems that have quite efficient interior-point schemes for finding the optimal solution. The results of numerical experiment are also given in this paper. Copyright © by the paper's authors. нет

Теги: modified simplex imbeddings method , self-concordant barrier , structural optimization , geometry , operations research , optimization , cutting planes , non-differentiable , non-differentiable optimization , numerical experiments , optimal solutions , self-con


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