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adequacy algorithm algorithm design and analysis balance equations battery storage categorization battery storage degradation capacity market capacity markets carriers circuit theory cogeneration cogeneration gas turbine unit cogeneration plants commerce comparative efficiencies competition computational experiment concave function consistent constraint constraint theory convex functions convex optimization convex problems costs cournot-nash equilibrium cournot–nash equi-librium critical infrastructures d.c. function data handling decomposition differential evolution discrete optimization dispersed electric power systems district heating district heating system district heating systems (dhs) economic efficiency editorial efficiency of heat power equipment electric power electric power grids electric power system (eps) electric power systems electric power systems (eps) electric power transmission electric power transmission networks energy development energy efficiency energy resources equilibrium estimation europe expansion expansion planning extreme learning-machine feasible regions fuels functions gas generation scheduling geometry global optimization problems global warming graphical visualization heat energy market heat flows heat market heat supply system heat supply systems heating equipment heuristic methods hybrid systems hydraulic conditions hydraulic equipment inequality constrain information use interior point interior point algorithm interior point method lagrangean relaxation large large-scale optimization liberalization linear programming linear programming problem load flow equations machine learning management market environment markov random process mathematical modeling mathematical models microgrids mixed integer linear programming modeling and calculations monte carlo methods multi-energy systems network newton method newton-raphson method nodal prices non-differentiable non-differentiable optimization nonconvex optimization problem numerical methods object-oriented databases objective functions operations research optimal development optimal operation optimal power-flow optimal solutions optimization optimization calculati optimization methods optimization problems piecewise concave and convex functions piecewise linear piecewise linear techniques power markets power system model power system reliability prosumer pumping plants pumps quadratic programming regression reinforcement learning reliability scheduling sectionalizing switches self-con single heat supplier smart community smart grids. sparse matrix stationary points support functions support vector machine system of nonlinear equations tie switches topology transmission user interfaces utilization of the flue gases heat variable operating condition waste-heat recovery «single buyer» model гидравлический режим оптимизация

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Search for feasible solutions by interior point algorithms

... Vol.9. No.3. 2016. P.191-206. DOI: 10.1134/S1995423916030022 A family of interior point algorithms for linear programming problems is considered. In these algorithms, entering the feasible solution region of the original problem is presented as an optimization process of an extended problem. This extension is performed by adding a new variable. The main objective of the paper is a theoretical justification of the procedure of entering the feasible region of the original problem under the assumption ...

Теги: linear programming , optimization , consistent constraint , feasible regions , feasible solution , interior point , interior point algorithm , linear programming problem , non-degeneracy , algorithms
Application of supply function equilibrium model to describe the interaction of generation companies in the electricity market

Aizenberg N. Application of supply function equilibrium model to describe the interaction of generation companies in the electricity market // Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics). Vol.9869 LNCS. 2016. P.469-479. ISBN (print): 9 783 319 . DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-44914-2_37 The paper studies the trade in the spot electricity market based on submitting bids of energy consumers and producers to the market...

Теги: competition , electric industry , electric power systems , operations research , optimization , power markets , existence and uniqueness , generation capacity , generation companies , liberalization , oligopoly
Algorithm for the Adequacy Discrete Optimization by Using Dual Estimates When Planning the Development of Electric Power Systems

Krupenev D.S., Perzhabinsky S.M. Algorithm for the Adequacy Discrete Optimization by Using Dual Estimates When Planning the Development of Electric Power Systems // Proc. on 17th International Scientific Conference on Electric Power Engineering (EPE). 2016. 5 p. DOI: 10.1109/EPE.2016.7521739 http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7521739/ ...

Теги: optimization , reliability , power system reliability , indexes , monte carlo methods , algorithm design and analysis
Optimum load distribution between heat sources based on the Cournot model

... a heat supply system with two heat energy sources operating on integrated heat networks. The mathematical approach to the solution search is represented in the graphical form and illustrates computations based on the stepwise iteration procedure for optimization of levels of loading of heat energy sources (groping procedure by Cournot) with the correspond ing computation of the heat energy price for consumers. нет

Теги: heat supply system , heat energy market , “single buyer” model , optimization , cournot–nash equi-librium , groping procedure by cournot librium , groping procedure by cournot
Strategic behavior of generation companies in the generation scheduling process

... medium-term generation scheduling. Power producers project the levels of market prices and predict prosperous decisions of System Operator. Power producers prepare data taking into account possible behavior of rivals. The paper presents a two-level optimization problem for the data preparation by strategic producers. Nash equilibrium is modeled to represent the behavior of generation companies. Case study demonstrates that producers tend to distort cost functions. An increase in profit of power ...

Теги: commerce , costs , optimization , profitability , scheduling , data preparation , generation scheduling , market environment , power system model , two-level optimization , cost functions
Adequacy optimization in long-term expansion planning of electric power systems

Krupenev D.S., Perzhabinsky S.M. Adequacy optimization in long-term expansion planning of electric power systems // Proc. of the 4-th International Youth Conference on Energy. Siófok, Hungary Hungary. 06-08 June 2013. 1 p. ISBN (print): 9781467355. DOI: 10.1109/IYCE.2013.6604145 http://apps....

Теги: adequacy , assessment , expansion planning , circuit theory , electric power systems , power generation , optimization
Accounting for the variable nature of heat loads in optimizing cogeneration combined heat and power plants

.... P.550-556. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601512070075 This paper describes the statement of the problem of how to optimize the parameters of CHP plants with due regard for variable operating conditions. The results are presented of solving the problem of the optimization of such parameters using various criteria for its efficiency. © Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2012. нет

Теги: energy resources , nuclear energy , chp plant , combined heat and power plants , its efficiencies , variable operating condition , optimization


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