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An improved technique for identification of mathematical model parameters of thermal power equipment and assessment of its performance

... are of importance as such, and play a great part in the qualitative solution to the problems of thermal power equipment control, e.g., the problems of optimal load dispatch among thermal power plant units and optimal control of thermal power equipment operation conditions. The paper describes a technique improved by the author for identification (adjustment, verification) of mathematical model parameters for complex thermal power equipment. The technique allows us to more effectively detect gross errors ...

Теги: accuracy criterion , coal-fired generating unit , identification of parameters , mathematical modeling , measured control parameters , model adjustment , operation conditions , real-time control , relative di , construction equipment , electric load dispatching , ma
Research of the problems and development of the indicators of controllability analysis of pipeline systems

... controllability of pipeline systems (PLS) of the power industry (heat, water, gas, etc.). Controllability for the first time is considered as a complex property that includes such private properties as permissibility, reliability, and efficiency of PLS operation conditions achieved by the control. Against the background of the general characteristics of the processes of the intelligent automation of PLS management, the urgency of the problem of quantifying the resulting systemic effects is revealed....

Теги: controllability , hydraulic equipment , piping systems , water pipelines , complex properties , controllability analysis , external influences , intelligent automation , operation conditions , pipe-line system
Evaluation of the Influence of Non-sinusoidal Conditions on Power Transformers

... of Conferences. Vol.58. ID: 03012. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20185803012 The electrical equipment operation is cost-effective and reliable when operating parameters of the electrical network correspond to the rated data of the equipment. The real operation conditions, however, differ from those required for electrical equipment, which negatively affects its efficiency. The non-sinusoidal conditions in electrical networks are currently very common. The paper provides an overview of the characteristics ...

Теги: cost effectiveness , power transformers , rectifier substations , electrical equipment , electrical networks , is costs , its efficiencies , non-sinusoidal , operating parameters , operation conditions , railwa


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