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Factoring in scheduled repairs of generating units when assessing the resource adequacy of electric power systems

... adequacy and highlight their shortcomings. We propose an algorithm for modeling of scheduled repairs of generating units that does away with the flaws of the algorithms adopted elsewhere. In the final part of the article, we present the findings of numerical experiments that test the performance of the algorithms. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2019. нет

Теги: electric power system , generating unit , monte carlo method , resource adequacy , scheduled repairs , electric power systems , generating equipments , numerical experiments , monte carlo methods
Modified simplex imbeddings method in convex non-differentiable optimization

Kolosnitcyn A. Modified simplex imbeddings method in convex non-differentiable optimization // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol.1623. 2016. P.226-233. We consider a new interpretation of the modified simplex imbeddings method. The main construction of this method is a simplex which contains a solution of convex non-differentiable problem. A cutting plane drawn through the simplex center is used to delete a part of the simplex without the solution. The most interesting feature of this method is the...

Теги: modified simplex imbeddings method , self-concordant barrier , structural optimization , geometry , operations research , optimization , cutting planes , non-differentiable , non-differentiable optimization , numerical experiments , optimal solutions , self-con


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