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Significant factors affecting the selection of rational options for power supply in an off-grid zone

....1051/e3sconf/20197702006 The paper presents a short characteristic of an off-grid zone in the eastern regions of the Russian Federation. The main problems of power supply to consumers in this zone are described, and possible options for solving them are provided. A methodological approach and model tools to estimate the efficiency of alternative options of power supply to off-grid consumers are described. The factors affecting the selection of a rational option of power supply in the off-grid zone are classified....

Теги: alternative options , economic efficiency , economic indicators , impact of factors , methodological approach , off-grid consumers , simulation models , computer simulation , economic and social effects , electric power transmission networks , energy policy , method
An approach to design of an intelligent heating system

... the hydraulic circuit of an intelligent heating system with the required transmission capacity, hydraulic stability and reliability indices. The paper proposes a mathematical statement of the design problem of such a hydraulic circuit and an original methodological approach to solve it by decomposing a general complex problem into several simpler ones (of a smaller dimensionality). The proposed approach makes it possible to tailor the computational procedure to specific features of a heating system ...

Теги: heating equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelines , problem solving , complex problems , computational procedures , design problems , hydraulic circuits , hydraulic stability , mathematical statement , method


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