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Significant factors affecting the selection of rational options for power supply in an off-grid zone

... interconnection between the main significant factors (availability of grid infrastructure, local fuel resources, complexity of fuel delivery logistics, characteristics of accessible power-generating equipment, and environmental constraints) and their impact on economic indicators of alternative options. Based on the systematized results of long-term studies, we present a scheme designed to select a rational option of power supply to a particular off-grid consumer according to characteristics of the described ...

Теги: alternative options , economic efficiency , economic indicators , impact of factors , methodological approach , off-grid consumers , simulation models , computer simulation , economic and social effects , electric power transmission networks , energy policy , method
Optimization of the district heating zones

... zones of the centralized sources of thermal energy is developed using the calculation of the effective heat supply radius of consumers. The methodology allows to take into account the features of heat supply systems' functioning, their technical and economic indicators, the uneven distribution of heat loads throughout the city, and limitations on the reliability of the system. Practical implementation of the proposed methodology on the scheme of operating a heat supply system is presented, the results ...

Теги: district heating , economics , economic indicators , heat supply , heat supply systems , optimal actions , optimal flows , reliability requirements , investments


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