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The Charge and Discharge Integrated Management Mode of EVs with Financial Incentive Mechanism

Zhai S., Sun Y., Sidorov D., Panasetsky D. The Charge and Discharge Integrated Management Mode of EVs with Financial Incentive Mechanism // 2018 International Conference on Power System Technology, POWERCON 2018 - Proceedings. ID: 8601685. 2019. P.1256-1261. ISBN (print): 9781538664612. DOI: 10.1109/POWERCON.2018.8601685 High penetration renewable energies (REs) and large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) integrated into the grid have brought a great challenges for the grid. The charge and discharge...

Теги: charge and discharge management , electric vehicles , financial incentive mechanism , renewable energy generation , dc-dc converters , electric power systems , energy transfer , finance , rectifying circuits , renewable energy resources , vehicle-to-grid , bidirecti
The Development of a Method for Calculating the Nodal Prices of the Thermal Energy by Modeling the Thermal and Hydraulic Regimes of the Heat Supply Systems for Solving Control and Optimization Problems

... 2018. P.756-767. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601518100075 The article deals with the issues of energy saving and increasing the efficiency of thermal energy. Energy saving issues are inextricably linked to the cost of heat for consumers. The costs of thermal energy transfer depend directly on thermal and hydraulic regimes of the heat supply system. A mathematical model and a method for calculating differential heat energy prices for all nodes and consumers of a heat supply system are discussed considering ...

Теги: calculation method , differential nodal prices , heat supply networks , heat supply systems , mathematical modeling , thermal energy rates , thermohydraulic regimes , energy conservation , energy transfer , heat transfer , hydraulic models , mathematical models , mul


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