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Multi-output regression in electric power systems adequacy assessment using monte-carlo method

... approaches would reduce the time to perform calculations. To this end, it is proposed to use a method of modifying the existing method for adequacy assessment using multitasking regression. To determine the effectiveness of the proposed methodology, a computational experiment was conducted in the article. © 2019 IEEE. нет

Теги: adequacy assessment , energy power system , machine learning , monte-carlo , computational efficiency , electric power systems , learning systems , nonlinear programming , computational experiment , effective approaches , non-linear optimiza
An optimization approach to finding roots of systems of nonlinear equations

... of the fact that the reduced problem is, in general, a nonconvex optimization problem, we use only local search techniques and provide conditions for the obtained stationary point to be a root of the initial system of nonlinear equations. Results of computational experiments are given. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. нет

Теги: optimization , computational experiment , local search techniques , nonconvex optimization problem , optimization approach , optimization problems , stationary points , system of nonlinear equations , systems
Optimization of hydraulic modes of single-source tree-like heat networks

... parallel and in series to reduce the design schemes to single equivalent branches. To solve this problem, the original method proposed by the authors earlier is adapted. The proposed method was tested on an aggregated scheme of a real heat supply system. Computational experiments have shown the performance and computational efficiency compared with the methods proposed earlier. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2019. нет

Теги: computational efficiency , hydraulic equipment , pipelines , computational experiment , design scheme , fixed flow , heat sources , heat supply systems , pumping stations , single source , target functions , pro
Optimization of the reliability of heat supply with an active consumer

... replace part of the load with own sources of thermal energy. Methods and models for solving this problem are proposed, which are based on the theory of random processes, the theory of hydraulic circuits, and the basic laws of heating. Results of the computational experiment based on the developed methodical apparatus are presented. The possible economic effect of using an active consumer for solving the describe problem is also reviewed in the paper. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2018....

Теги: computation theory , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , investments , random processes , reliability , computational experiment , heat supply , heat supply systems , hydraulic circuits , optimal distri
Discrete-continuous optimization of heat network operating conditions in parallel operation of similar pumps at pumping stations

... variables as a constituent of the suggested technique for solving the general problem. Consideration is given to four possible strategies to fraction and cut the variants while searching for solutions on the basis of discrete variables. The results of computational experiments illustrating the comparative efficiency of different strategies are presented. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York входит

Теги: integer programming , optimization , pumping plants , pumps , comparative efficiencies , computational experiment , continuous optimization , heat supply systems , hydraulic conditions , network operating cond


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