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Load-flow model of a multi-energy system

... should be solved to minimize the cost of production, transmission and distribution of energy resources. Traditionally, the means of such minimization are the redistribution of the loads of generation sources, consumers and energy storage devices. The topology of MES if different for different energy carriers, and topologies are combined through energy hubs - nodes in which energy is converted from one type to another. Such transformation can simply be considered as the consumption of one type of energy ...

Теги: energy resources , optimization , topology , balance equations , cost of productions , energy development , load flow equations , multi-energy systems , optimal solutions , optimization problems , transmission
Modeling and operating characteristic analysis of MMC-SST based shipboard power system

... shipboard power system (SPS). Due to the existence of various complex loads and poor working conditions, voltage instability and harmonic problems are caused inevitably in SPS. Amid at these problems, a new modular multilevel type SST (MMC-SST) based topology of SPS is proposed, which can effectively improve the DC bus voltage stability and the power quality. First, the topology of MMC-SST based SPS is analyzed. Then, the control strategy of MMC is discussed with its fault treatment capacity. Last,...

Теги: fault treatment , modular multilevel converter (mmc) , shipboard power system (sps) , solid state transformer (sst) , ships , topology , control strategies , high power density , modular multi-level converters , operating characteristics , shipboard power system , v
Mathematical model and topological method for reliability calculation of distribution networks

Voropai N., Styczysnki Z., Shushpanov I., Suslov K. Mathematical model and topological method for reliability calculation of distribution networks // 2013 IEEE Grenoble Conference PowerTech, POWERTECH 2013. 1 p. ISBN (print): 9781467356. DOI: 10.1109/PTC.2013.6652129 A mathematical model for distribution network reliability calculation is given in this paper. A topological method is used determining such reliability indices as probability of element failure, frequency of element failures, duration...

Теги: electric power networks , element failure , network reliability , reliability calculation , reliability index , topological methods , electric power distribution , mathematical models , reliability , topology


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