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Development of method for determination of the kinetics constants of coal char gasification in pore diffusion regimes

... 10.1051/e3sconf/201911407007 In this paper, we developed a method for determining the kinetic constants of partially diffusion-controlled heterogeneous reactions in a porous sample of powder. Studies have been conducted on the experimental data of thermogravimetric analysis of carbon conversion in a stream of CO2, using a new method of processing kinetic curves, to obtain updated values of the kinetic constants under conditions where widely used models are inappropriate. Data obtained can be used ...

Теги: gasification , rate constants , thermogravimetric analysis , carbon conversions , diffusion controlled , gasification process , heterogeneous reactions , kinetic constant , kinetic curves , method of processin
A kinetic analysis of the thermochemical conversion of solid fuels (A review)

Kozlov A.N., Svishchev D.A., Khudiakova G.I., Ryzhkov A.F. A kinetic analysis of the thermochemical conversion of solid fuels (A review) // Solid Fuel Chemistry. Vol.51. No.4. 2017. P.205-213. DOI: 10.3103/S0361521917040061 The overview is focused on methods for the processing of kinetic curves (with and without models). The paper demonstrates that the kinetics of thermochemical conversion of solid fuels can be described by a great number of kinetic processing methods, which lead to inconsistent...

Теги: thermal-analysis data , thermogravimetric analysis , committee recommendations , oxidative pyrolysis , gasification , parameters , model , wood , coal , devolatilization


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