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A Controllably Inductive Filtering Method With Transformer-Integrated Linear Reactor for Power Quality Improvement of Shipboard Power System

... Improvement of Shipboard Power System // IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. Vol.32. No.4. 2017. P.1817-1827. DOI: 10.1109/TPWRD.2016.2574316 This paper proposes a controllably inductive power filtering (CIPF) method to improve the power quality of a shipboard power system (SPS). The main circuit topology for implementing the CIPF method in the SPS is presented, which contains a rectifier transformer integrated with linear filtering reactors, fully tuned branches, and a voltage-source inverter. The ...

Теги: active power filtering (apf) , harmonic , inductive filtering method , rectifier transformer , shipboard power system (sps) , harmonic compensation , conditioner
Modeling and operating characteristic analysis of MMC-SST based shipboard power system

... Energy Engineering Conference, APPEEC. Vol.Decem. 2016. P.28-32. ISBN 9781509054183. DOI: 10.1109/APPEEC.2016.7779464. Solid state transformer (SST) has the advantage of small size, high power density and low noise, which made it possible to use SST in shipboard power system (SPS). Due to the existence of various complex loads and poor working conditions, voltage instability and harmonic problems are caused inevitably in SPS. Amid at these problems, a new modular multilevel type SST (MMC-SST) based ...

Теги: fault treatment , modular multilevel converter (mmc) , shipboard power system (sps) , solid state transformer (sst) , ships , topology , control strategies , high power density , modular multi-level converters , operating characteristics , shipboard power system , v


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