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Ontological engineering of knowledge space for situational management in Russian energy sector

Massel L.V., Vorozhtsova T.N. Ontological engineering of knowledge space for situational management in Russian energy sector // RPC 2018 - Proceedings of the 3rd Russian-Pacific Conference on Computer Technology and Applications. ID: 8482144. 2018. ISBN (print): 9781538675311. DOI: 10.1109/RPC.2018.8482144 In this article the authors discuss the development and usage of ontologies in formation of E-knowledge space to be applied in situational management of the energy sector. The theory and methods...

Теги: decision making support , knowledge space , ontological engineering , ontology , semantic modeling , situational management , decision theory , energy policy , energy security , semantics , informational support , knowledge spaces , research and development , semantic
Volterra polynomials in the intelligent control system of wind power plant operation

... depending on the blade angle and wind speed. A two-level technology is applied to prevent emergency situations. It consists of a quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis. The first level is implemented using the situation analysis tools based on semantic modeling. At the second level the simulation modeling is performed. An algorithm for construction of a set of current situations in the semantic model is based on the Volterra polynomial integral equations. The Newton-Kantorovich method was applied ...

Теги: iteration algorithm , maple , nonlinear dynamic systems , numerical solution , volterra polynomials , digital arithmetic , dynamical systems , dynamics , integral equations , iterative methods , nonlinear analysis , nonlinear dynamical systems , polynomials , semantic


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