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Development of Automatic Intelligent System for On-Line Voltage Security Control of Power Systems

... preventive corrective control of electric power systems is one of the key objectives for Control centers. The use of classical approximation methods alone is complicated. Therefore, several modified methods combined with machine learning algorithms enabling security assessment in real time have been proposed over the last years. The paper presents an automatic intelligent system for on-line voltage security control, which is based on the model of decision trees Proximity Driven Streaming Random Forest (PDSRF)....

Теги: power system , voltage security , control , random forest , security assessment , l-index , stability
An intelligent security alert system for power system pre-emergency control

... This paper is focused on applying learning clustering algorithms for identifying critical states in power systems. The authors propose an intelligent security alert system for early detection of alarm states using the clustering ensemble concept. The security assessment clustering ensemble is realized in STATISTICA 6.0 and GA Fuzzy Clustering. Matlab and Power System Analysis Toolbox are used as the modeling tools. We demonstrated the approach on the modified IEEE One Area RTS-96 power system. Preliminary ...

Теги: alert systems , blackout , clustering ensemble , power system , pre-emergency state , security assessment , electric power system interconnection , electrical engineering , clustering algorithms


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