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active distribution networks application programs arbitrary structures bearings (machine parts) boilers client-server architectures co commerce common information spaces competition complex problems computation theory computational efficiency computational experiment computer environments computer modelling computer operating systems computer technology control control engineering cost effectiveness cost effectiveness analysis current problems decision making dependent variables design problems design scheme different stages digital devices dispatching controls distributed generation source distributed software district heating district heating network (dhn) district heating system district-heating companies dynamic programming economic benefits economic criteria economic damages efficiency electrical distribution networks energy policy energy productions energy resources energy utilization engineering constraints exponential regression exponential smoothing external environments failure and recoveries fire extinguishers fixed flow flow distribution flow of gases forecasting methods gas gas cost gas demands gas distribution gas supply system gas systems gas-condensate fields gases global solutions heat flux heat sources heat storage heat supply heat supply systems heating equipment heating mode heating period high-quality monitoring hydraulic calculations hydraulic circuits hydraulic conditions hydraulic equipment hydraulic machinery hydraulic stability i information spaces integral indicators integrated systems life cycle linear sections linear state e load distributions long term planning mathematical formulation mathematical transformations measuring device method methodological approach mo model and algorithms modern development monopolistic markets monte carlo methods multilevels multiple regression model natural gas demand network configuration network equipment networks networks (circuits) numerical methods object oriented programming operating condition operating regimes operational conditions optimal development optimal placements optimal solutions optimal systems optimizati pipeline gas pipeline networks pipeline system pipelines piping systems pro probabilistic problem solving proven reserves quality regulation regression analysis relaxation methods reliability reliability analysis s scada systems setting single source snow and ice removal software reliability solar heating special properties state estimation techn technical analysis th ther time in timing circuits tr turbulent diffusion water pipelines water supply water supply systems

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