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Estimating the effect of equipment reliability indices, schedules, and regular overhaul scopes on reliability and efficiency of combined heat and power plants

... on reliability and efficiency of combined heat and power plants (CHPPs). We describe the approach to predict heat and electric loads for the investigated CHPP operation period, taking into account the features of the power cogeneration. We performed optimization studies of two operation periods (different in overhaul resources) for an industrial-heating CHPP. © 2018 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. нет

Теги: cogeneration plants , spent fuels , equipment reliability indices , operation period , optimization studies , reliability
Mathematical modeling and optimization of parameters of coal-fired combined cycle unit with gas-turbine cycle working medium heated in periodic regenerative heat exchangers

... indicated cyclic ceramic heat exchangers have been thoroughly tested on the experimental models of closed-cycle MHD generators which proved them to be serviceable and reliable. To substantiate the efficiency of this technology it is necessary to perform its optimization studies by using the mathematical model of combined cycle unit with coal combustion and gasturbine cycle working medium (air) heated in regenerative heaters. The development of such a model and technical studies are the goal of the proposed ...

Теги: combined cycle unit with coal combustion , cyclic regenerative ceramic heat exchangers , mathematical modeling , optimization studies , ceramic materials , coal gasification , coal gasification plants , competition , energy efficiency , fluidized bed combustion , f


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