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Methods of redundant schemes and software for optimization of heat source structure

Edeleva O.A., Barakhtenko E.A., Sokolov D.V. Methods of redundant schemes and software for optimization of heat source structure // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.102. ID: 02003. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201910202003 The optimization of heat sources in populated areas is associated with the optimization of their structure. The optimization ...

Теги: environmental impact , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelines , load distributions , mathematical formulation , methodological approach , network configuration , optimal development , optimizati
Influence of internal relative efficiency of steam turbine compartments on the performance of steam turbine cogeneration plant

... gas-fired steam boiler that enables exhaust gas heat recovery, which is rather promising for the isolated heat and electricity consumers. A design and verification mathematical model of the steam turbine plant was developed. The focus is made on the optimization studies into the effect of the relative efficiency of turbine compartments on the performance indices of the steam turbine cogeneration plant with an installed electric capacity of 50 MW that uses the heat of steam contained in the combustion ...

Теги: boilers , cogeneration plants , electric power transmission networks , natural gasoline plants , smart power grids , steam , waste heat , back pressures , combustion products , heat and electricity , optimizati
An investigation of a bilevel energy market model

Dresvyanskaya N.V. An investigation of a bilevel energy market model // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol.1623. 2016. P.564-573. The two-level model of interaction between power producers (GC) and System Operator (SO) is considered. The upper level corresponds to GC which try to increase their profit by distortion information about the characteristics operating costs of their power plants. The lower level corresponds to SO which solves the generation scheduling problem on the basis of technical parameters...

Теги: bilevel optimization , electricity market , mixed-integer quadratic programming , nash equilibrium , nonco-operative game , commerce , computation theory , electric power systems , game theory , integer programming , operating costs , operations research , optimizati


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