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Characteristics of nucleate boiling under conditions of pulsed heat release at the heater surface

... initial stage of the explosive boiling, as well as an attempt to simulate them in order to clarify whether the existing approaches can be extended to the case of the non-stationary heat release. We present data on the onset of nucleate boiling (ONB) and nucleation density for pulsed heat release in the range from 0.56 to 2 MW/m2. To determine the dynamics of the temperature field under conditions of non-stationary nucleation, a numerical algorithm was implemented, which includes the calculation of the ...

Теги: nucleation , explosive boiling , fourier numbers , heater surface , interphase interaction , non-stationary heat release , nucleation densities , numerical algorithms , onset of nucleate boiling , nucleate boi
On modeling of the initial stage of nonstationary nucleate boiling for the high heat fluxes

... Vol.240. ID: 01018. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201824001018 During recent years, there have been made significant achievements in the numerical description of the bubble boiling, particularly, in the calculation of the bubble growth dynamics, the nucleation density, and the bubble boiling threshold [1, 2]. However, the numerical prediction is mostly based on the empirical correlations, the accuracy of which does not exceed 20%. Boiling is a complicated process, where each parameter affects not ...

Теги: explosives , heating , momentum transfer , nucleation , analytical expressions , empirical correlations , explosive boiling , leidenfrost temperature , non-stationary heat release , nucleation densities , nucle


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