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Solving one class of systems of the polynomial volterra equations of the first kind by Newton's method

... 2017 Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics (Dedicated to the Memory of V.F. Demyanov), CNSA 2017 - Proceedings. 2017. ISBN (print): 9 781 509 062 607. DOI: 10.1109/CNSA.2017.7974016 A known approach to the mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamic systems (objects) of input-output type is based on the Volterra integro-power series. In this paper consideration is given to a numerical method of solving one class of systems of Volterra nonlinear integral equations which are associated ...

Теги: automation , dynamical systems , integral equations , newton-raphson method , nonlinear dynamical systems , numerical methods , dynamic objects , input and outputs , kantorovich method , newton's methods , nonl


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