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alternative options automated construction automation comparative effectiveness comprehensive assessment computer modeling computer simulation computer software computing program dependent variables developed countries east asia east siberia economic analysis economic and social effects economic efficiency economic indicators electric lines electric power transmission networks energy efficiency energy efficiency indicator energy intensity energy policy energy resources environmental impact exponential regression formal descriptio fuel and energy ba fuel and energy complex fuel and energy resources fuels generating companies harmonic analysis heat supply systems heating heating equipment heating system design high-quality monitoring hydraulic equipment hydraulic machinery impact of factors innovative solutions international trade investments its applications linear regression linear regression models load distributions mathematical formulation measured parameters metaprogramming method methodological approach model-driven engineering multiple regression model network configuration non-sinusoidal voltage off-grid consumers ontology operating condi optimal development optimizati parameter estimation pipelines power generation power industry power quality problem solving s simulation models systems analysis методический подход топливно-энергетические ресурсы топливно-энергетический баланс топливно-энергетический комплекс энергоэффективность

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New approach to modeling the nonlinear loads

... modes that were obtained by measurements have shown that harmonic modes are random, and their parameters have probabilistic nature. Due to unpredictability of harmonic modes, nonlinear loads can be modeled using measured parameters. The paper presents methodological approach, algorithms and a computing program for modeling the nonlinear loads using parameters measured in the nodes of their connection to the power supply, and gives examples of modeling the nonlinear loads. © The Authors, published ...

Теги: harmonic analysis , parameter estimation , power generation , power quality , computing program , generating companies , measured parameters , methodological approach , non-sinusoidal voltage , operating condi
Methods of redundant schemes and software for optimization of heat source structure

... economic problems to design these systems, which, in turn, predetermines the transition to a new level of their methodological support [2]. The paper proposes a mathematical formulation of the problem of optimal development of heat sources and considers a methodological approach to solving it, including effective load distribution between heat sources, and calculation of the optimal heat network configuration, given the minimum environmental impact of heat sources. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences,...

Теги: environmental impact , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelines , load distributions , mathematical formulation , methodological approach , network configuration , optimal development , optimizati
A methodological approach to assess the effectiveness of the projects on Russian power export to the North-East Asia countries

Smirnov K. A methodological approach to assess the effectiveness of the projects on Russian power export to the North-East Asia countries // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.77. ID: 03004. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20197703004 The paper presents a methodological approach ...

Теги: east asia , methodological approach , energy policy
Significant factors affecting the selection of rational options for power supply in an off-grid zone

....1051/e3sconf/20197702006 The paper presents a short characteristic of an off-grid zone in the eastern regions of the Russian Federation. The main problems of power supply to consumers in this zone are described, and possible options for solving them are provided. A methodological approach and model tools to estimate the efficiency of alternative options of power supply to off-grid consumers are described. The factors affecting the selection of a rational option of power supply in the off-grid zone are classified....

Теги: alternative options , economic efficiency , economic indicators , impact of factors , methodological approach , off-grid consumers , simulation models , computer simulation , economic and social effects , electric power transmission networks , energy policy , method
A Methodological Approach to the Software Development for Heating System Design

Stennikov V., Barakhtenko E., Sokolov D. A Methodological Approach to the Software Development for Heating System Design // 2018 International Multi-Conference on Industrial Engineering and Modern Technologies, FarEastCon 2018. ID: 8602533. 2019. ISBN (print): 9781538695357. DOI: 10.1109/FarEastCon....

Теги: heating system design , metaprogramming , methodological approach , model-driven engineering , ontology , automation , computer software , heating , heating equipment , problem solving , systems analysis , automated construction , computer modeling , formal descriptio
Growth of investments as a condition for increasing energy efficiency of the Irkutsk region's economy

... socio-economic development, is of particular relevance due to its high energy intensity. The purpose of the study is to perform an energy-economic analysis of the Irkutsk region, and to determine the impact of investment on the energy efficiency growth. The methodological approach developed by the authors and used in this research is based on the balance and statistical methods. In course of the research, retrospective fuel and energy balances (FEB) of the Irkutsk region have been developed, and the energy ...

Теги: economic analysis , economic and social effects , energy resources , fuels , investments , developed countries , energy efficiency indicator , energy intensity , innovative solutions , methodological approach
Энергоэффективность Иркутской области - потенциал роста

Санеев Б.Г., Соколов А.Д., Музычук С.Ю., Музычук Р.И. Энергоэффективность Иркутской области - потенциал роста // Вестник ИрГТУ. Т.22. №6. 2018. C.152-168. DOI: 10.21285/1814-3520-2018-6-152-168 ЦЕЛЬ. На основе топливно-энергетических балансов выполнить энергоэкономический анализ Иркутской области, определить наиболее значимые факторы, влияющие на энергоэффективность, выявить потенциал ее роста. МЕТОДЫ. В исследовании использован созданный авторами методический подход, основанный на методах экономико-математического...

Теги: топливно-энергетический комплекс , fuel and energy complex , топливно-энергетические ресурсы , fuel and energy resources , энергоэффективность , energy efficiency , методический подход , methodological approach , топливно-энергетический баланс , fuel and energy ba
Regression model for heat consumption monitoring and forecasting

... and economically important in our country. In this regard, high-quality monitoring and planning of the development of heat supply systems are a strategic vector of scientific research. This paper is focused on the studies demonstrating how to choose a methodological approach to describe changes in heat consumption in the retrospective. The change in heat consumption is described using multiple regression models. In the first part of the paper, the parameters for the regression model are determined ...

Теги: linear regression , pipelines , dependent variables , exponential regression , heat supply systems , high-quality monitoring , linear regression models , methodological approach , multiple regression model , s
A comprehensive assessment of comparative effectiveness of projects for power export from East Siberia to China: A methodological approach and results of its application

Lagerev A., Khanaeva V., Smirnov K. A comprehensive assessment of comparative effectiveness of projects for power export from East Siberia to China: A methodological approach and results of its application // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.27. ID: 02003. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20182702003 The paper is concerned with a methodological approach to the assessment of comparative effectiveness of projects ...

Теги: electric lines , comparative effectiveness , comprehensive assessment , east siberia , its applications , methodological approach , power industry , international trade


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