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Biomass conversion into synthetic liquid fuel and electric energy: Comparison of prospective technologies

... of the unit. It is included in the model of a power plant for combined DME and electricity production. The mathematical model of the plant was used to investigate different options of gasification agent. The DME synthesis plant was compared with the methanol synthesis plant investigated earlier in terms of a complex economic index-internal rate of return. The findings demonstrate that the selling price of electricity generated from these plants plays an essential part in the determination of the ...

Теги: bioconversion , earnings , methanol , synthetic fuels , analytical reviews , biomass conversion , electric energies , electricity production , internal rate of return , methanol synthesis , synthetic liquid fue
A plant for methanol and electricity production: Technical-economic analysis

Kler A.M., Tyurina E.A., Mednikov A.S. A plant for methanol and electricity production: Technical-economic analysis // Energy. Vol.165. 2018. P.890-899. DOI: 10.1016/j.energy.2018.09.179 The paper is devoted to complex technical and economic studies of the large-scale combined production of methanol ...

Теги: coal , combined methanol-electricity production plant , methanol , synfuel
Combined production of synthetic liquid fuel and electricity from coal using H2S and CO2 removal systems

... coal using H2S and CO2 removal systems // Energy Reports. Vol.1. No.10. 2015. P.50-56. DOI: 10.1016/j.egyr.2014.11.005 The main aim of the research is to continue the studies on promising technologies of coal conversion into synthetic liquid fuel (methanol). The object of study is the plants for combined production of electricity and synthetic liquid fuel (PCPs), which are eco-friendly and more efficient as compared to the plants for separate production. The previous studies on PCPs consider the ...

Теги: coal , combined production , electricity , methanol , rectisol method , synthetic liquid fuel


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