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Advanced adaptive frequency support scheme for DFIG under cyber uncertainty

... not only make up for the impact of cyber uncertainty on frequency regulation, but also can adaptively determine the participation factor of each wind turbine. The effectiveness of this control scheme is highlighted on a simulation platform built on Matlab/Simulink. The obtained results demonstrate that the proposed control scheme is capable for improving the frequency nadir and preventing secondary frequency dips. © 2020 Elsevier Ltd входит

Теги: cyber physical power system , cyber uncertainty , dfig , droop control , frequency support , asynchronous generators , electric fault currents , electric power transmission networks , matlab , real time control , wind power , wind turbines , adaptive frequency , doubl
Simulation approach to integrated energy systems study based on energy hub concept

... integrated multi-carrier systems. Based on previous investigations, in this paper the authors develop the simulation model of energy hub. Basic principles of designing simulation energy hub model are discussed. Realization of simulation model using Matlab/Simulink is suggested. Simulation results for integrated electricity and heat demand systems are explained as the possibilities demonstration of simulation energy hub model. © 2019 IEEE. нет

Теги: energy hub , illustration results , integrated multi-energy systems , simulation experiments , simulation model , energy hub modeling , energy hubs , integrated energy systems , model and simulation , multi carrier systems , multi-energy systems , matlab
Development of software for modelling decentralized intelligent systems for security monitoring and control in power systems

... increases. This paper proposes a novel approach for development of software for modelling of decentralized intelligent systems for security monitoring and control in power systems. The innovation here is to joint use the modern computing environments - MATLAB, R and Java Agent Development Framework platform. The proposed intelligent system was tested on the modified 53-bus IEEE power system. © 2015 IEEE. входит

Теги: artificial intelligence , electric power system control , electric power system security , intelligent agents , intelligent systems , learning systems , matlab , monitoring , multi agent systems , power contro


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