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Study of the measurements placement problem for planning of the optimal experiment

... demand for solving the problem of optimal placement of measuring devices for pipeline systems. At the same time, not only the number and accuracy of measuring devices, but also their composition and placement locations are important. In this paper, a mathematical formulation of the problem of optimal placement of measuring devices is given, methods for its solution are proposed. The numerical example shows the effectiveness of the proposed method of optimal placement of measuring devices, which allows ...

Теги: hydraulic equipment , numerical methods , pipelines , piping systems , water pipelines , finite number , global solutions , mathematical formulation , measuring device , optimal experiments , optimal placements
Methods of redundant schemes and software for optimization of heat source structure

... heating systems require a significant correction of stating and solving typical technical and economic problems to design these systems, which, in turn, predetermines the transition to a new level of their methodological support [2]. The paper proposes a mathematical formulation of the problem of optimal development of heat sources and considers a methodological approach to solving it, including effective load distribution between heat sources, and calculation of the optimal heat network configuration,...

Теги: environmental impact , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelines , load distributions , mathematical formulation , methodological approach , network configuration , optimal development , optimizati


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