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Detection of systematic errors in PMU measurements by the power system state estimation methods

... determines the current state of a power system. For this purpose synchronized phasor measurements from PMU are used in combination with SCADA measurements. A method of test equations (TE) is used to detect gross errors in both SCADA and PMU measurements. The mathematical expectation of the TE discrepancy is used to identify a systematic error in measurements. The non-zero value of this expectation can only testify to the presence of a systematic error in measurements contained in TE, but cannot be used to ...

Теги: engineering education , errors , estimation , phasor measurement units , state estimation , estimation procedures , mathematical expectation , pmu measurements , power system state estimation , scada measureme
Methods for analyzing operational controllability and their application for estimating the quality of heat supply systems

... systems with the use of a dynamic thermal-hydraulic model of a heat supply system. Formulas for calculating average shortage (excess) of thermal energy for each consumer with a specified scenario of disturbing inputs and control outputs, as well as mathematical expectation and variance of average shortage (excess) with different scenarios are proposed. A method for calculating the coefficient characterizing useful utilization of energy at consumers and in the heat supply system as a whole for estimating ...

Теги: energy resources , nuclear energy , economic efficiency , heat supply systems , mathematical expectation , operating modes , thermal-hydraulic model , estimation


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