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The method of adjustment of heat supply systems with the multistage temperature control at pumping stations

... hydraulic and temperature conditions; (b) using the conditional regulator of the ratio of the mixing station's output costs in calculating the hydraulic regime; (c) fixing the temperature at the station's output when calculating the temperature regime; (d) iterative calculation with correction of the setpoint of the ratio controller of the flow rate based on the calculation of the temperature regime. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2018.

Теги: investments , mixer circuits , mixing , pumping plants , computational process , computational schemes , heat supply systems , iterative calculation , method of adjustments , temperature conditions , temperatur
Developing a Procedure for Segmenting Meshed Heat Networks of Heat Supply Systems without Outflows

... problem. The problem is set in terms of optimization with the heat supply system’s excessive hydraulic power used as the optimization criterion. The heat supply system computer model has a hierarchically interconnected multilevel structure. Since iterative calculations are only carried out for the level of trunk heat networks, decomposing the entire system into levels allows the dimensionality of the solved subproblems to be reduced by an order of magnitude. An attempt to solve the problem by ...

Теги: flow distribution , heat network , heat supply , hydraulic power , segmentation , thermal–hydraulic operating mode , image segmentation , iterative methods , hydraulic operating modes , iterative calculation , multi-level structures , optimization criteria , segmenta


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