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Multi-criteria Decision Making Problems in Hierarchical Technology of Electric Power System Expansion Planning

... problem is presented as hierarchical set of step-by-step solved sub-problems. Each sub-problem is characterized its own number of criteria which usually is only the part of initial set of criteria. Qualitative illustration of relations between criteria of initial problem and sub-problems is presented. Some generalization of results is given. © 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. входит

Теги: electric power system , expansion planning , multi-criteria problem , decision making , electric power systems , expansion , intelligent computing , electric power , expansion planning problems , initial problem , multi-criteria , multi-criteria decision mak
Linearization of differential algebraic equations with integral terms and their application to the thermal energy modelling

... with a singular matrix multiplying the higher derivative of the desired vector-function. Such systems can be treated as differential algebraic equations perturbed by the Volterra operators. We obtained solvability conditions for such systems and their initial problems and consider possible ways of linearization for them on the basis of the Newton method. Applications that arise in the area of thermal engineering are discussed and as an example we consider a hydraulic circuit presented as a system comprising ...

Теги: consistency problem , differential algebraic equations , fredholm operator , index , initial problem , volterra operator


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