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Numerical solutions of dynamic measurement challenges by volterra equations

... paper employs a new approach in the theory of dynamic measurements based on representing the model of a measuring device with the help of automatic control. We consider a special first kind Volterra equation that arises in the inverse boundary value heat conduction problem. The particular properties of the equations under study require the consideration of the floating point arithmetic performed by computers. To evaluate the efficiency of methods that take into account the special properties of the ...

Теги: dynamic measurements , first kind volterra equations , numerical solution , automation , digital arithmetic , heat conduction , integral equations , manufacture , comparative analysis , dynamic measurement , heat conduction problems , product integration methods
Performance modeling of thermoelectric devices by perturbation method

Marchenko O.V. Performance modeling of thermoelectric devices by perturbation method // International Journal of Thermal Sciences. Vol.129. 2018. P.334-342. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2018.03.006 A nonlinear differential heat conduction equation for a leg of a thermoelement with temperature-dependent thermoelectric material properties is reduced to an integral equation. Its solution is obtained by a perturbation method in the form of a series in terms of powers of parameters ...

Теги: heat balance equations , heat conduction equation , perturbation method , thermoelectric coolers , thermoelectric generators , cooling systems , electronic equipment , heat conduction , integral equations , nonlinear equations , specific heat , thermoelectric equipm


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