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Hydraulic and gas-dynamic models of a steam-water mixture flow in a granular bed

Tairov E.A., Khan P.V. Hydraulic and gas-dynamic models of a steam-water mixture flow in a granular bed // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.1382. No.1. ID: 012101. 2019. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1382/1/012101 The paper presents a comparative analysis of the hydraulic and gas-dynamic models of a steam-water mixture flow through a granular bed. The analysis is carried out using experimental data obtained at an inlet pressure of 0.6 - 15.5 MPa, flow quality of 0.002 - 0.3, and mass velocity...

Теги: gas dynamics , hydraulic models , mixtures , packed beds , petroleum refining , quality control , steam , analytical integration , comparative analysis , constitutive relations , granular beds , inlet pressures
Numerical and Analytical Approaches to Modeling Critical Two-Phase Flow with Granular Layer

... smoothed particle hydrodynamics method. A model of isenthalpic flow of vapor–water mixture in a fixed bed of solid particles is considered is this study. The mixture expansion process is considered to be polytropic. Similarly to the known problem of gas dynamics of a granular bed, an analytical relationship for calculation of a critical mass velocity was obtained. The results of the calculation based on the analytical and numerical models were compared with the experimental data and agreement between ...

Теги: analytical models , gas dynamics , hydrodynamics , mixtures , numerical methods , numerical models , analytical and numerical models , analytical approach , critical two-phase flows , expansion process , numeri


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