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Fractal Stratified Model Development for Сritical Infrastructure from the standpoint of Energy and Cyber Security

... DOI: 10.2991/iwci-19.2019.31 The article discusses the research model of the energy sector as one of the main critical infrastructures from the point of view of energy security and the inclusion of cyber security issues. The model is built upon the fractal approach which allows one to represent a subject field as a set of information layers and their mappings from any layer into each one. The description of the model and how it is used in the Intelligent System for cyber threat analysis and risk ...

Теги: fractal approach , energy infrastructure , semantic modeling methods , energy security , cyber threats
Fractal approach to constructing ontological knowledge space

Massel L.V. Fractal approach to constructing ontological knowledge space // RPC 2018 - Proceedings of the 3rd Russian-Pacific Conference on Computer Technology and Applications. ID: 8482138. 2018. ISBN (print): 9781538675311. DOI: 10.1109/RPC.2018.8482138 The article ...

Теги: fractal approach , fractal stratified model , invariant , mapping , ontological knowledge space , stratum , ontology , knowledge spaces , stratified model , fractals


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