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Technical-economic evaluation of medium-power gas turbine plant with air bottoming cycle

... gas turbine plant with air bottoming cycle // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.114. ID: 07005. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911407005 A developed mathematical model of a gas turbine power plant with an additional air bottoming cycle to utilize heat of exhaust gases was used to carry out a technical and economic analysis. The approach used in the study is aimed at solving two types of optimization problems: (1) to determine the maximum net efficiency of the power plant and (2) to adjust the equipment ...

Теги: air bottoming cycle , efficiency , electric power , gas turbine , gas-turbine plant , waste heat recovery , combustion , costs , electric power generation , exhaust gases , gas turbine power plants , gas turbines , natural gasoline plants , waste heat , waste heat util
Modeling of Combined Heat and Power Plant Based on a Multi-stage Gasifier and Internal Combustion Engines of Various Power Outputs

... calculation demonstrates that the engine exhaust gas temperature reaches 500 - 600°C at the rated power level and with the lower engine power, the temperature gets higher. For example, for an internal combustion engine power of 1000 kW the temperature of exhaust gases equals 400°C. A comparison of the efficiency of engine operation on natural gas and producer gas shows that with the use of producer gas the power output declines from 300 to 250 kWe. The reduction in the effective efficiency in this case ...

Теги: cogeneration plants , combustion , combustion equipment , efficiency , engines , exhaust gases , exhaust systems (engine) , gasification , heat engines , internal combustion engines , effective efficiencies , en


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