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adaptive approach alternative options annual distribution annual distribution of direct and diffuse radiation annual distributions balance model basic conditions basic mechanism boilers calculated generation cleaning climate information coal coal deposits coal industry coal production coal reserves combinatorial mathematics combinatorial modelling competition competitive prices complex industries complex networks confidence levels conservation consumption levels cryptography decision support systems decision theory deposits distributed computer systems distributed computing distributed computing environment east asia east siberia eastern regions ecology economic analysis economic and social effects economic development economic indicators economics - ussr effective capacity effects of solar plants electric power transmission networks electric power utilization electricity grids electricity networks energy energy companies energy conservation energy cooperation energy development energy efficiency energy exports energy fields energy infrastructures energy policy energy reserves energy resources energy sector energy security energy supply system energy systems energy utilization european union expansion feasibility studies flue gas cleaning flue gases flues fuel preparation for combustion fuels g gas exports gas plants gas supply gas supply system gas-condensate fields gases geographical locations geopolitics heating system hot-water supply hydroelectric power hydroelectric power plants industry development informational support initial conditions innovation technology integration structures international cooperation investment projects investments level of detail maximum load me mechanisms of energy strategy implementation meteorological observation method method of c methodological app methodological approach modern civilization multi agent systems neighbouring countries network inverters north a north-east asia region numerical analysis numerical methods off-grid consumers overhead lines people's republic of china petroleum prospecting photovoltaic cells pipe-line systems pipeline gas pipelines plant expansion power markets power plants - ussr primary energy resources priority areas of solar potential implementation quali radiation effects ratio between optimal capacity and consumer's maximum load regional levels renewable energy resources research and development rural areas russian federation security problems security threats semantic semantic modeling situation analysis situational management small-capacity heat sources smart power grids solar energy solar power plants statistical information strategic direction strategic threat sustainable development technical systems technique to determine optimal capacity the far east total solar radiation

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