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Possibilities of use of wood wastes in the power industry of Russia [ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ ДРЕВЕСНЫХ ОТХОДОВ В ЭНЕРГЕТИКЕ РОССИИ]

... and justification the development directions of technology for the effective use of wood waste by their thermochemical conversion as part of gas-generating power plants with improved environmental characteristics. A comparison was made of the electric energy cost obtained by the use of various types of fuel (gas, diesel fuel, coal, wood chips and wood pellets). An economic comparison of single- and multi-stage gasification of woody biomass has been performed. It is shown that a more promising technology ...

Теги: effectiveness , energy cost , gasification , pellets , wood waste
The future energy: hydrogen versus electricity

Marchenko O.V., Solomin S.V. The future energy: hydrogen versus electricity // International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Vol.40. No.10. 2015. P.3801-3805. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2015.01.132 Theoretically there can be different ways of the green (carbon-free) energy development aimed at providing sustainable development of humankind in the future, in particular hydrogen economy or electricity economy. In this paper the processes of hydrogen and electricity production, conversion and storage are...

Теги: carbon-free energy technologies , electricity , energy cost , energy storage , hydrogen


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