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Reliability level research in distribution electrical networks of Irkutsk

Naumov I.V., Karpova E.V., Karamov D.N. Reliability level research in distribution electrical networks of Irkutsk // E3S Web of Conferences. Т.114. ID: 03005. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911403005 Forecasting of level of reliability of power supply of consumers is one of the major tasks at implementation of actions for improvement ...

Теги: electric power systems , reliability , risk assessment , terminals (electric) , electrical networks , is implementation , laws of distribution , operational characteristics , premature failures , reliability l
Evaluation of the Influence of Non-sinusoidal Conditions on Power Transformers

... parameters of the electrical network correspond to the rated data of the equipment. The real operation conditions, however, differ from those required for electrical equipment, which negatively affects its efficiency. The non-sinusoidal conditions in electrical networks are currently very common. The paper provides an overview of the characteristics obtained from an analysis of publications, which are used to evaluate the effect of the non-sinusoidal conditions on power transformers. The results of ...

Теги: cost effectiveness , power transformers , rectifier substations , electrical equipment , electrical networks , is costs , its efficiencies , non-sinusoidal , operating parameters , operation conditions , railwa


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