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Methodical for the decommissioning of generating units for modernization from the position of ensuring the adequacy of electric power systems

... ID: 01019. 2019. 7 p. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201913901019 The article presents a methodical for determining the procedure for decommissioning for the purpose of modernizing generating equipment while ensuring the highest possible level of adequacy of electric power systems (EPS). The model for assessment of the adequacy of EPS is basis of the methodical. We can choose the most effective option for decommissioning generating units from the standpoint of ensuring the adequacy of EPS using the methodical....

Теги: electric power systems , electric power systems (eps) , generating equipments , generating unit , decommissioning (nuclear reactors)
A comprehensive approach to reliability optimization of power supply to consumers in power interconnection with weak tie lines

... components, optimal for the criterion of reliability and planning maintenance of generating equipment optimal for economic criterion. This approach makes it possible to use for reliability the main means available in the conditions of functioning of electric power systems (EPS) – reserves of generating capacity and planned maintenance of the main equipment. At the same time, reliability optimization is carried out taking into account the interests of different subjects of relations at the management ...

Теги: electric power system planning , maintenance , reliability , electric power systems (eps) , generating companies , generating equipments , planned maintenance , power interconnections , power supply reliabili
Prediction of the power shortage in the electric power system by means of regression analysis by machine learning methods

... learning methods // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.114. ID: 03003. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911403003 Modern electricity consumers place increasingly high demands on the level of reliability of power supply and, correspondingly, the reliability of electric power systems (EPS). These requirements should be directly addressed in the EPS development planning tasks. To this end, the evaluation of the level of EPS reliability is performed by employing software and computer systems that have various ...

Теги: decision trees , electric power systems , machine learning , number theory , random number generation , regression analysis , software reliability , support vector machines , electric power systems (eps) , mac
Application the differential evolution for solving the problem of minimizing the power shortage of electric power systems

....1051/e3sconf/201911403002 Based on the experience of domestic and foreign researchers, it is known that there are various mathematical models, software systems, and optimization methods used to solve the set tasks for assessing the resource adequacy of electric power systems (EPS). However, the continuous development of EPS leads to the complication and integration of systems against the background of which it becomes necessary to take into account an increasing number of its elements and parameters ...

Теги: energy system , heuristic methods , optimization methods , power shortage , resource adequacy , electric power systems , evolutionary algorithms , numerical methods , optimization , continuous development , differential evolution , electric power systems (eps) , ener
Use of PMU data for HVDC link modeling in the power system state estimation

Kolosok I., Korkina E., Tikhonov A., Mahnitko A. Use of PMU data for HVDC link modeling in the power system state estimation // Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific Symposium on Electrical Power Engineering, ELEKTROENERGETIKA 2019. P.48-52. ISBN (print): 9788055333243. Updating of electric networks for raising or limiting the voltage level, for increasing the transmission capacity and for some other purposes is accomplished by installing FACTS (Flexible Alternative Current Transmission...

Теги: facts , hvdc link , pmu , state estimation , circuit theory , equivalent circuits , flexible ac transmission systems , hvdc power transmission , alternative current , electric power systems (eps) , estimation problem , oper
Проблемы уязвимости и живучести киберфизических электроэнергетических систем

Воропай Н.И., Колосок И.Н., Коркина Е.С., Осак А.Б. Проблемы уязвимости и живучести киберфизических электроэнергетических систем // Энергетическая политика. №5. 2018. C.53-61. Развитие электроэнергетических систем (ЭЭС) на основе инновационных технологий и технологической платформы интеллектуальной энергосистемы радикально изменит структуру и свойства будущих систем, порождая новые проблемы в их функционировании. В статье анализируется трансформация свойств ЭЭС по мере их цифровизации, в результате...

Теги: электроэнергетические системы (ээс) , киберфизические ээс , живучесть , упругость , кибербезопасность , electric power systems (eps) , cyber-physical eps , survivability , resilience , cyber security
Determination of Critically Objects of Electric Power Systems from the Position of Energy Security

... Critically Objects of Electric Power Systems from the Position of Energy Security // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.58. ID: 03009. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20185803009 The paper deal the problem of definition and ranking of critical objects (CO) in electric power systems (EPS). The identification of the CO is necessary for the timely adoption of measures to organize the provision of the required level of energy security of the region where the object is location. The adequacy model is used for determine ...

Теги: electric power system security , electric power systems , electric power systems (eps) , random factors , time interval , energy security
Dual model of power market with generation and line capacity expansion

Gakh S. Dual model of power market with generation and line capacity expansion // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Т.1623. 2016. C.606-617. The investigated model is a mathematical model in which operating power, installed power, power flows between nodes in electric power system (EPS) are optimized for the last year of the calculation period. The model is static, multinodal and it is represented as a large dimension linear programming problem. The aim of this study is analysis of the relationships between...

Теги: dual variables , electric power system (eps) , nodal prices , primal and dual linear programming problems , electric power systems , operations research , optimization , power markets , dual linear programming , electric power systems (eps) , installed power , large


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