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active consumers additional stress adequacy assessment agn artificial intelligence available transfer capability boundary conditions charge and discharge management circuit theory commerce competition computation theory computational efficiency consumer behavior continuous development control control systems cost effectiveness crime curve fitting cyber attack cyber security cyber-attacks data handling dc zonal electrical distribution system decision trees demand response development of energy system discrete optimization distributed power generation distribution electrical networks double sided auctions dynamic state estimation e economic and social effects electric energy storage electric industry electric lines electric load flow electric load management electric machinery electric power electric power generation electric power industries electric power integration electric power measurement electric power plant loads electric power system electric power system (eps) electric power system control electric power system interconnection electric power system measurement electric power system security electric power systems electric power systems (eps) electric power transmission networks electric transmission electric utilities electricity demands electricity market electricity supply embedded systems emerge emergency control ener energy systems environmental tec euro-asian super pool evolutionary algorithms expansion expansion planning finance flexibility forecasting gas generators gas turbines generating capacity generating companies generating equipments generating unit generation capacity graphical visualization grids hybrid ac/dc power systems inp interco intersystem l-index large scale systems learning systems liberalization load flow and factors machine learning measurement measurements modelling framework monte carlo method monte carlo methods multi-criteria decision mak netw network security neural networks nonlinear programming number of components oligopoly on-line controls operational flexibility operations research optimiza optimization optimization methods power control power engineering power generation power markets power quality power shortage power system controls premature failures problem solving profitability properties quality control random number generation re-dispatch reliability reliability analysis reliability theory resource adequacy rough error scada shipboard power systems smart power grids software agents solar energy soviet union stability state estimation subsidies support vector mach synthesis gas systems science and cybernetics - large scale systems tes total transfer capability transfer capability transformation vehicle-to-grid wide a wind метод монте-карло

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