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Nonlinear systems' equilibrium points: Branching, blow-up and stability

Sidorov N., Sidorov D., Li Y. Nonlinear systems' equilibrium points: Branching, blow-up and stability // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.1268. No.1. ID: 012065. 2019. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1268/1/012065 This article considers the nonlinear dynamic model formulated as the system of differential and operator equations. This system is assumed to enjoy an equilibrium point. The Cauchy problem with the initial condition with respect to one of the desired functions is formulated. The second...

Теги: chemical analysis , continuum mechanics , differential equations , dynamic models , dynamics , mathematical operators , chemical process , differential algebraic equations , equilibrium point , global classica
Thermal Transients in District Heating Systems

... velocity of the carrier (typically water) or keep the velocity flow steady but then adjust temperature at the heat producing source (heat plant). We study the latter scenario, commonly used for operations in Russia and Nordic countries, and analyze dynamics of the heat front as it propagates through the system. Steady velocity flows in the district heating pipelines are typically turbulent and incompressible. Changes in the heat, on either consumption or production sides, lead to slow transients ...

Теги: control , district heating network (dhn) , dynamics , identification , networks , pipeline system , thermal front , turbulent diffusion , control engineering , heat flux , heating , heating equipment , identification (control systems) , networks (circuits) , pipelines
Volterra polynomials in the intelligent control system of wind power plant operation

... modeling based on the Volterra integro-power series when describing transient processes in a nonlinear dynamic object of input-output type. A reference object was represented by a model of horizontal-axis wind turbine. The research deals with nonlinear dynamics of a rotation speed of wind turbine components depending on the blade angle and wind speed. A two-level technology is applied to prevent emergency situations. It consists of a quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis. The first level ...

Теги: iteration algorithm , maple , nonlinear dynamic systems , numerical solution , volterra polynomials , digital arithmetic , dynamical systems , dynamics , integral equations , iterative methods , nonlinear analysis , nonlinear dynamical systems , polynomials , semantic
Self-excited pressure pulsations in ethanol under heater subcooling

Levin A.A., Tairov E.A., Spiryaev V.A. Self-excited pressure pulsations in ethanol under heater subcooling // Thermophysics and Aeromechanics. Vol.24. No.1. 2017. P.61-71. DOI: 10.1134/S0869864317010073 This paper presents experimental results of investigation of high-intensity cooling of high-temperature metal heater by subcooled ethanol flow. The experiments have proved the presence of self-excited pressure pulsations with amplitude of 1.15 MPa, arising in ethanol. Expanding real signals of the...

Теги: subcooled liquid boiling , self-excited pressure oscillations , heat-transfer crisis , non-stationary heat-transfer , empirical mode decomposition , transient boiling crisis , explosive vaporization , liquid , water , film , generation , channels , dynamics , wire


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