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Optimization of hydraulic modes of single-source tree-like heat networks

... under consideration are the presence of several target functions and a fixed flow distribution. The topology of the networks under consideration allows using the equivalent branching methods of branches connected in parallel and in series to reduce the design schemes to single equivalent branches. To solve this problem, the original method proposed by the authors earlier is adapted. The proposed method was tested on an aggregated scheme of a real heat supply system. Computational experiments have shown ...

Теги: computational efficiency , hydraulic equipment , pipelines , computational experiment , design scheme , fixed flow , heat sources , heat supply systems , pumping stations , single source , target functions , pro
Development of operating conditions of district heating systems with quality regulation

... with the required amount of heat by given quality while observing all the technical and technological requirements. The task of calculating the DHS conditions is to find the distribution of flows, pressures and temperatures across all elements of the design scheme for a given topology, hydraulic and thermal characteristics of its elements and boundary conditions. There are two types of calculation of DHS conditions: adjustment and verification. In article presented DHS operating regime development ...

Теги: heating equipment , hydraulic equipment , pipelines , complex engineering , design scheme , development technology , district heating system , operating condition , operating regimes , quality regulation , ther


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