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Search for a market equilibrium of Cournot-Nash in the competitive heat market

Penkovskii A., Stennikov V., Mednikova E., Postnikov I. Search for a market equilibrium of Cournot-Nash in the competitive heat market // Energy. Vol.161. 2018. P.193-201. DOI: 10.1016/j.energy.2018.07.086 The paper is concerned with a «Single-buyer » heat market model. A mathematical model is developed. In this model, optimal distribution of heating load among heat sources, that corresponds to the Nash equilibrium is determined based on the Cournot approach. The mathematical model makes it possible...

Теги: cournot-nash equilibrium , heat market , heat supply system , optimization , «single buyer» model
Search for a Market Equilibrium in the Oligopoly Heat Market

... considers a single-buyer model of the oligopoly heat market. A mathematical model of the heat market is developed. It allows us to take into consideration economic and technical aspects of heating system's operation. The problem of the determination of the Cournot-Nash equilibrium in the heat market at a linear demand function and nonlinear costs of heat sources is investigated and solved. To search for the Cournot-Nash market equilibrium we suggest an iterative algorithm based on step-by-step optimization ...

Теги: heating system , heat market , single-buyer model , cournot-nash equilibrium


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