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The Charge and Discharge Integrated Management Mode of EVs with Financial Incentive Mechanism

... 8601685. 2019. P.1256-1261. ISBN (print): 9781538664612. DOI: 10.1109/POWERCON.2018.8601685 High penetration renewable energies (REs) and large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) integrated into the grid have brought a great challenges for the grid. The charge and discharge management of EVs to support the grid is the main target of this paper. First, the AC/DC converter, the bidirectional DC/DC converter, the wireless power transfer system and corresponding controller are taken to realize the charge ...

Теги: charge and discharge management , electric vehicles , financial incentive mechanism , renewable energy generation , dc-dc converters , electric power systems , energy transfer , finance , rectifying circuits , renewable energy resources , vehicle-to-grid , bidirecti


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