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On modeling of the initial stage of nonstationary nucleate boiling for the high heat fluxes

... not exceed 20%. Boiling is a complicated process, where each parameter affects not only the general outcome but other parameters, too. The non-stationary heat release is most difficult for modeling, because many of the existing researches are based on analytical expressions for the fluid temperature distribution. The basic stages of the explosive boiling are: (i) heating of the wall to the nucleation temperature; (ii) nucleation of the isolated bubbles; (iii) merging of bubbles and coverage of the ...

Теги: explosives , heating , momentum transfer , nucleation , analytical expressions , empirical correlations , explosive boiling , leidenfrost temperature , non-stationary heat release , nucleation densities , nucle
Quantitative assessment of the identifiability of pipeline systems

... of the topic relevance and a review of available development in this sphere allow giving the structuring of identifiability analysis problems. The technique of differentiate quantitative analysis of this property is disclosed. It based on the use of analytical expressions for covariance matrices of parameters. New concepts of experimental matrices, parametric identifiability and observability of pipeline systems are introduced. Analytic expressions for these matrices are given. The substantiation ...

Теги: covariance matrix , hydraulic equipment , observability , piping systems , water pipelines , analytic expressions , analytical expressions , covariance matrices , estimated parameter , identifiability analysis


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