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Ways to improve the efficiency of carbon dioxide utilization and gas hydrate storage at low temperatures

....2019.07.010 The dissociation of gas hydrate in the form of pressed granules of different diameters has been investigated. Kinetic equations to describe dissociation of gas hydrates at negative temperatures have been obtained for the first time. The activation energy for CO2 hydrate is higher than for methane hydrate, and the intrinsic decomposition rate constant value, on the contrary, is almost 15 times lower for CO2 hydrate. The article proposes methods to improve the efficiency of gas hydrate ...

Теги: activation energy , co2 hydrate dissociation , dissociation kinetics , carbon dioxide , dissociation , gases , granulation , hydration , integral equations , rate constants , carbon dioxide utilization , co2 hydrates , decomposition rate constants , diffusion re


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