Mathematical model for calculation of the heat-hydraulic modes of heating points of heat-supplying systems

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Shalaginova Z.I.
Thermal Engineering . Vol.63. No.3. P.222-232.
The mathematical model and calculation method of the thermal-hydraulic modes of heat points, based on the theory of hydraulic circuits, being developed at the Melentiev Energy Systems Institute are presented. The redundant circuit of the heat point was developed, in which all possible connecting circuits (CC) of the heat engineering equipment and the places of possible installation of control valve were inserted. It allows simulating the operating modes both at central heat points (CHP) and individual heat points (IHP). The configuration of the desired circuit is carried out automatically by removing the unnecessary links. The following circuits connecting the heating systems (HS) are considered: the dependent circuit (direct and through mixing elevator) and independent one (through the heater). The following connecting circuits of the load of hot water supply (HWS) were considered: open CC (direct water pumping from pipelines of heat networks) and a closed CC with connecting the HWS heaters on single-level (serial and parallel) and two-level (sequential and combined) circuits. The following connecting circuits of the ventilation systems (VS) were also considered: dependent circuit and independent one through a common heat exchanger with HS load. In the heat points, water temperature regulators for the hot water supply and ventilation and flow regulators for the heating system, as well as to the inlet as a whole, are possible. According to the accepted decomposition, the model of the heat point is an integral part of the overall heat-hydraulic model of the heat-supplying system having intermediate control stages (CHP and IHP), which allows to consider the operating modes of the heat networks of different levels connected with each other through CHP as well as connected through IHP of consumers with various connecting circuits of local systems of heat consumption: heating, ventilation and hot water supply. The model is implemented in the Angara data-processing complex. An example of the multilevel calculation of the heat-hydraulic modes of main heat networks and those connected to them through central heat point distribution networks in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii is examined. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

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Shalaginova Z.I. Mathematical model for calculation of the heat-hydraulic modes of heating points of heat-supplying systems // Thermal Engineering . Vol.63. No.3. 2016. P.222-232. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601516020075 http://rd.springer.com/article/10.1134/S0040601516020075


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