Вышел 3-й номер журнала Energy Systems Research за 2022 год

5 декабря 2022

Полные тексты статей доступны на сайте издания - esrj.ru.

Выходные данные выпуска:
Vol. 5 No. 3 (2022): Energy Systems Research

Содержание выпуска:
1. Development of a Web Service for Analysis of the GeoGIPSAR Geoclimatic Data.
Osipchuk Evgeny, Viktor Gasan
2. Ignition of cold, dusty-air fuel by means of an electric ignition system. 
Denis Sinelnikov
3. Thermodynamic Assessment of the Influence of Syngas Composition on Characteristics of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Igor Donskoy
4. A System for Storing and Processing the Results of Energy Test Facility Data Monitoring
Nikita Maksakov, Roman Ivanov
5. Current Issues of Russian and Mongolian District Heating Systems and Scientific and Methodological Lines for Solving Them
Nikolay Novitsky, Zoya Shalaginova, Vyacheslav Tokarev, Alexander Alekseev, Unurmaa Tsevegjav, Purevjal Oros, Jigmed Landannorov
6. Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Industrial Structure
Xueyao Liu
7. Alternative Possibilities of Using Electric Cars in Siberia
Olga Kuznetsova, Veniamin Khanaev