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Self-oscillatory regime of boiling of a highly subcooled liquid in a flow-passage annular duct

... and theoretical investigation of highly subcooled ethanol in an annular flow-passage duct under the conditions of pulsed heat generation in the wall cooled by liquid flow are presented. The formation of a vapor film on the heater wall and long-lasting pressure oscillations of high amplitude in the duct (the self-oscillatory regime) have been observed in experiments. A mathematical model of the ethanol boiling up has been developed to take into account the evaporation of the overheated liquid near the ...

Теги: boiling , condensation , evaporation , pressure pulsations , self-oscillations , subcooled liquid , boiling liquids , ethanol , liquids , computational results , numerical computations , oscillatory regimes , pressure oscillation , pressure pulsation , subcooled
Simulating self-oscillations in a boiling flow of subcooled liquid in the channel

... of dynamics of boiling of highly subcooled ethanol in the ring channel under the conditions of pulsing heating of the interior wall are presented. In experiments with the vertical channel, pulsations of a vapor film on a heater wall, accompanied by pressure oscillations with growing amplitude (the self-oscillatory mode), were observed. The mathematical model, which describes the non stationary process of boiling of ethanol in the channel, is presented. Model takes into account pulsations of a vapor ...

Теги: ethanol , evaporation , nonstationary process , numerical calculation , oscillatory mode , pressure oscillation , self-oscillations , theoretical research , vapor condensation , vertical channels , liquids


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