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Prospects of using new technologies in Russia's electric power industry to comply with international commitments to reduce CO2 emissions

... the methodology of projecting the electric power industry developments, taking into account environmental constraints. I obtained quantitative assessments of long-term electric power industry development in a Russian region, determined the emission of greenhouse gases from fuel combustion at thermal power plants (TPPs), and the efficiency of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the electric power industry. © 2018 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. нет

Теги: fuels , gas emissions , gas plants , greenhouse gases , petroleum prospecting , thermoelectric power plants , co2 emissions , electric power industries , environmental constraints , fuel combustion , new techno
Russian carbon management policy: trends and foresights

Loktionov V. Russian carbon management policy: trends and foresights // Geopolitics of Energy. Vol.38. No.10. 2016. P.2-10. As Russia is one of the major sources of GHG emissions in the world it is important to consider trends of GHG emissions of the country as well as its energy and carbon management policy. The author analyzes volumes and tendencies of Russia's carbon emissions, the structure of GHG emissions and the Russian government carbon policy. нет

Теги: energy , carbon policy , greenhouse gases


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