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Efficiency increasing by development of district heating systems operational modes using graphical analysis

... pressure distribution graphs. The developed software designed to automate the workplaces of regimes group engineers at operational enterprises or for designer workers, when developing and justifying development schemes for urban DHS. Tools for analysis and graphical visualization significantly increase the efficiency of work by reducing the time of analysis, development and justification of operating conditions, as well as improve the quality of the results. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2019....

Теги: district heating , efficiency , heating equipment , hydraulic equipment , life cycle , pipelines , analysis process , different stages , district heating system , graphical analysis , graphical visualization , i
Data processing and optimization system to study prospective interstate power interconnections

... technology of collection and pre-processing of non-structured data collected from various sources and its loading to the object-oriented database, as well as processing and presentation of information in the GIS system are described. One of the approaches of graphical visualization of the results of optimization model is considered on the example of calculating the option for expansion of the South Korean electric power grid. © 2018 The Authors. входит

Теги: data handling , electric power systems , electric power transmission networks , expansion , object-oriented databases , optimization , electric power , electric power grids , graphical visualization , optimiza


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