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Institutions of international energy cooperation in North-East Asia region

... such integration structures as the European Union and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) demonstrates that energy cooperation can be effective and beneficial to all participants. The countries of NorthEast Asia need to develop international electricity grids and natiral gas pipelines, which stimulates the evolution of common energy markets institutions with the active participation of both government bodies and private energy companies. © 2019 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. нет

Теги: energy cooperation , energy policy , institutions , north-east asia region , international cooperation , power markets , societies and institutions , east asia , electricity grids , energy companies , european union , integration structures , north a
Model of adequacy optimization of electric power systems under market conditions

... the article. Optimization is realized by a criteria of maximum of social welfare. Social welfare includes profits of generating companies according penalties of unreliable electricity supply, consumer surplus, costs for development and servicing of electricity grids. Adequacy analysis of variants of development of electric power system is based on multiple estimation of electricity shortage in a random hour of system work. We analyze system work in each of a random hour in two stages. For the first ...

Теги: commerce , electric power systems , profitability , reliability , electricity demands , electricity grids , electricity supply , equilibrium price , generating companies , multiple estimation , power generating


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